What We Offer

Architectural Direction, being a design consultancy firm offers varied design solution services in the fields of building design, interior design, home decoration & furnishing, furniture designing, Vaastu Consultancy, Project management consultancy, Sustainable Green Building design and 3D Visualizations & walk throughs.

With a keen sense of space management we offer our clients the best design solutions with a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, while keeping the project costs at optimum levels. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals ensure that the end product of any project is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also provides a healthy habitat for its occupants while optimizing the space to cost ratio.

A more detailed idea of our services are explained as under:

Architectural Services On Offer


Architectural design services powered by innovation and customized solutions to fulfill your comprehensive requirements.

We offer our clients highest level of services in building design, also referred to as Core & Shell designing (C&S). We take pride in understanding , in detail, the requirement of our clients and providing them with solutions which are best suited for them in terms of space usage, budget and aesthetics. We understand that the elevation of the building leaves a lasting impression on both the user of the building and it’s environs and hence we offer the best possible elevations and facades to all our buildings with optimum use of latest materials and technology.


We are one of the interior design companies that provide an integrated solution with high quality Interior Designs along with technology integrations.

Interiors is a very important aspect of any built-up space. It is vital that the interiors be designed in a manner so as to offer audacious space usage, comfortable environs and beautiful aesthetics for it’s habitants. Our core design team assures that our clients get a perfect balance of space usage and aesthetic beauty for their interiors. We offer pragmatic designs for various components of interiors like, flooring, ceiling, electrical & lighting, wall finishes, wood work, plumbing, furnishings, material selections etc

All our design inputs are offered in the form of 3D views, for better understanding of our clients, and, in the form of detailed working drawings, for the contractors to execute the same.

We also have a team of interior contractors on our panel to help our clients in case they require them to execute our designs.

We are a Delhi-based group of architects, designers and thinkers who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire.


We provide full home art and furnishing services for fine homes. Unique, high quality furniture, just for you!

Any interior space remains incomplete without art & furnishings which form an intricate aspect of beautiful aesthetics. Judicious use of art gives any space a character which often defines the taste of people using it.

We offer our clients consultancy on how to beautify their living spaces using art & furnishings. Our creative team visits the premises and offers suggestions on how to use art to add character and beauty to the interiors. We have a team of award winning artists on our panel who provide affordable art for homes, offices, showrooms, hotels, institutions etc.


Get stunningly photo realistic 3D renderings for an affordable & flexible price!

We have noted that it is often difficult for our clients to imagine or visualize what the final design would look like after it has been executed.
We offer this specialized service to our clients, wherein, we create computer generated 3D images of their buildings and interiors which are high resolution and life like images of what the end product shall look like once it has been completed.

We have taken a step forward and offer another service called the “ Animated Virtual walk through” to our clients wherein there can virtually walk through the premises and see the end result even before the work has begun on site. This is like looking at a video of their end result.


Architectural Direction uses its wide depth and breadth of experience to effectively advise, manage and monitor projects.

Our experience shows that often our clients do not have the time or the expertise to get the work executed on site and they do not have the knowledge to get the work executed through hired contractors and other agencies. They sometimes require onsite 24/7 supervision on site so that the proposed designs yield the appropriate results as envisioned by the design team.

We offer our project management services for such clients wherein our experienced and skilled team overlook the entire project from start to finish. Our team shall coordinate between various agencies like, civil contractors, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, wood work contractors etc to ensure that the final result is within the scheduled timelines, expected budget and quality controlled.

Our PMC team also helps our clients in material procurement and quality control.


Our team is trained to perform the in depth Feasibility Study for all kinds of projects.

Our latest endeavor is to promote the Green Building concept in India through our designs, to create sustainable built environments which use less water, optimize energy efficiency, conserve natural resources, generate less waste and provide healthier space for occupants as compared to conventional buildings. We thus offer design solutions which enable a built space to consume less water, less electricity, require less heating and air-conditioning, produce less waste and provide a healthier habitat.